Overview Of The ESTA USA Visa Process

There are so many people that want to come into the United States. However, to do so, they have to have a valid passport, and they also have to have a visa. The be said that they get they can apply for on the website for ESTA USA applications that is located at the U.S. Customs and border protection website. It’s going to take them quite some time in order to get one in most cases. They will have to submit an application to do so. After they have made their payment, they can check back with the website to get updates on how long it is going to take for them to get their electronic system for travel authorization visa.

How Does The Process Work?

The process is actually very simple. You will click through to the application. Once there, you will fill out the application. If you do not have an Internet connection, you will have to contact the U.S. Customs and border protection department where they can send you one of their ESTA applications. All of the information that you can provide about yourself that they are requesting should be submitted promptly. It will take them a few weeks to go through everything. Although this is not required if you are going to be coming into adjacent countries like Mexico and Canada, you will certainly need this if you are coming into the United States.

Why Do You Have To Do This?

This needs to be done because of what is called the visa waiver program that was started back in 2007. Essentially, there are certain countries that are on a list which are applicable for visiting the United States, and those that are not. If you are part of this program, or at least your country is, once you have your electronic system for travel authorization completed, you will simply be allowed to come into the United States. All of the verifications will be done for your country. They just need to know who you are and that you are from one of these countries.

Although this is more of a formality for some people, it is a very necessary process for some people that have never been traveling before. It is the only way that the United States feels comfortable allowing people to come in, even if they do have a passport. The combination of having the electronic system for travel authorization on your passport is what allows you to be welcome in the United States, at least for a minimal amount of time. It usually up to 90 days, after which you will have to reapply. All of this is true for people that are traveling on vacation, or for those that may want to come over to work or visit relatives.