The ESTA Process For Those Planning A Holiday To The USA

Lots of people dream about going on holiday to the USA someday, so when you find yourself with the funds to plan such a trip yourself, it can be a very exciting time. The most boring part of the whole process is perhaps ensuring you have a valid passport and applying for ESTA, which allows you to stay in the United States of America for as long as 90 days.

The fun part about planning your trip to the US is choosing which cities you want to visit and finding the best hotel accommodation. You also get to think about which tourist attractions you are going to visit each day and can start to plan some daily itineraries for your holiday. Ideally, you want to make sure that your holiday is at least two weeks long if you are arriving from the UK. This is because long-haul flights can be exhausting and you might find that you need to take it easy during your first week in the country to recover from jetlag.

If you are planning on flying to the west coast of the US from London, you should seriously consider upgrading to first-class as the flight time to Los Angeles, for example, is over 10 hours. If you opt for connecting flights to save money, you could be looking at 18 hours or more of travelling time. It is almost impossible to sleep during a flight if you have a seat in economy class.

Keep in mind that the ESTA application is just one of many important processes you need to go through when visiting the US. You also need to make sure you purchase comprehensive travel medical insurance. Many people from the UK don’t consider how much medical care will cost them in the USA because they are used to having access to the NHS system at home.