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4 Must-Try Delicacies in France

So let’s say you succeeded in processing your Etias France travel document and find yourself wandering around France with time on your hands. Why not try out some well-loved French delicacies while you’re there?


Steak Tartare – A Taste of Freshness

If you don’t mind the fact that you’re going to eat something raw, then Steak Tartare is a must-taste dish in France. While the Japanese offer raw sushi in their restaurants, French restaurants have their own version of a raw delicacy in this dish. Of course, it pays to try this one as prepared by reputable restaurants because you’re not sure about their meal preparation practices. Aside from the secret seasoning, you may notice it has capers, onions and a raw egg yolk right on top.

Escargot, Anyone?

This dish is a simple one but one that has boosted the French cuisine’s reputation. It is actually made of cooked snails to which is added garlic butter mixed with parsley. Though some may snub this dish for its simplicity, you should at least sample one serving to see if it meets your own standards.

The Common Potato a.k.a. Hachis Parmentier

There was a time when potatoes were shunned as an ingredient in the country. Then a nutritionist named Antoine Parmentier showed the French that potatoes are actually tasty and nourishing. Hence, the name Hachis Parmentier. This dish is actually made of minced beef and mashed potatoes. So if you want to stick to something familiar such as potato dishes then this dish may be meant for you.

Crepes – Thin Yet Flavorful

This delicacy has been adopted by chefs in other countries but it remains truly French in origin. Though some may argue that crepes should be eaten only as a snack there are actually many opportunities to sample it throughout the day. You can try the traditional sweet version or you may go for the salty type instead. (The salty crepe is known as “Galette” actually.) You can also get creative and ask for other fillings for your crepes.

There are many other dishes you could opt to sample actually. Don’t leave France until you’ve gotten a taste of the best that the country’s kitchens have to offer. That makes the time spent processing your Etias France worth it.


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