An Overview Of The Indian Visa Application

Any foreign national that wishes to enter India is required to have an international valid travel document, which is typically a National Passport along with a visa obtained through the Post abroad or the Indian Mission.

The Indian visa application involves a physical copy of an application form that has been completed and signed and then submitted to the IVAC (Indian Visa Application Center) or directly from the Indian Post/Mission on a scheduled date for an interview accompanied by the required supporting documentation. Instruction for completing the Indian visa application can be found on the site and the applicant can schedule an appointment through the Regular Visa Application link. For technical information about completing the visa application, the applicant can refer to the Technical Instructions.

Processing Times For Indian Visas

Upon the receipt of a Visa Application through the Indian Vis Application Center or through the Indian Post or Mission a minimum of 3 working days is needed to process an individual case and then issue the visa dependent on the applicant’s nationality. This excludes special cases.

Costs Involved For The Indian Visa

The fee for a visa will be dependent on the visa type that was applied for as well as the visa duration. The fees for an Indian Visa is divided into different types dependent on each case. This is inclusive of the: Basic fee, Special fee and the processing fees from the out-sourcing agency. During an online registration process, the basic fee is displayed once the process has come to an end.

However, the fee is only an indication and the final fee is only charged when submitting each application to a respective counter. The fee once it has been received is always non-refundable, this is true even when the application for the visa has been withdrawn or when the visa has been denied. The fee will also stay the same when the visa that has been issued happens to be a shorter duration compared to the period that the applicant applied for.

The visa application requires three steps:

• Apply Online- This secure application process saves time and allows the applicant to check on their status online.

• The next step involves submitting the application along with required documentation at a Visa collection center.

• The third step involves receiving the visa through post or collecting the visa from a collection center or the Indian Mission.