October 2019

3 Must-Try Food You Can Only Find In Russia

Being a melting pot of diverse cultures, Russian food is impossible to generalize because the cuisine varies per region. But there are also dishes and delicacies that seem typical all over the country. Russia also houses some of the best and most unforgettable dishes you must taste at least once in your life.



Blini, or sometimes spelled as ‘bliny,’ are Russian pancakes that are made using yeasted dough. This gives them a distinctive tang in combination with their signature light and fluffy texture. Eating a blini can be enjoyable if you are trying out different fillings such as diced vegetables, roast cabbage and egg, and ground meat. Eating them with a simple sour cream topping is recommended by the locals. If you want to be fancy, blini is also excellently paired with caviar.

You can find the best blini in Teremok, a Russian food store chain that specialized in making blini. They can offer you over 30 options, and they are easy to find since most major cities have them.



This well-known Russian dish with Ukranian origin is loved by many in the Slavic world. The beet-based soup is colored reddish violet and is made with a variety of different ingredients. You may sometimes find it with many types of meat or sautéed vegetables. This soup is served either hot or cold, with sour cream on top.

You can order borscht in high-class restaurants and homely cafes, but the most popular one is from the Grand Café Dr Zhivago in the National Hotel Moscow.



Translated as “little pies,” this Russian delicacy is a mini version of pies that are usually filled with vegetables and meat. You can also find pirozhkis filled with cheese and herbs that give them extra flavor. Pirozhki is known in Russia as a Christmas food, and you can find it being passed around in a family when they are preparing for their festive dinner. The pie also comes in other varieties filled with stewed apples, cottage cheese, cherries, or jam.

It is a common street food, so you can easily find it anywhere in Russia. If you find yourself in St. Petersburg, you can pass by Pirozhkovaya for a taste of old-school pirozhki.

If you find yourself packing for Russia with you Russland evisum, you might want to try out the food that makes the country’s culture rich.…