August 2019

5 Enthralling Māori Myths and Legends

If you love reading and hearing stories about myths and legends, the Maori tradition sure has a lot to offer. These tales have an interesting take on how Earth and the country itself came to existence. Many of these legends and myths are still told by Maoris today. Get that New Zealand Visa right away as nothing is more special than hearing them firsthand. To help out, here is a quick runaround of some of the enthralling Māori myths and legends.


Maui Fishes Up The North Island

Those individuals outside New Zealand and Polynesia may have been exposed to Maui through the Disney flick, Moana. One of the most famous legends in the local tradition, the roguish character is linked with the birth of the country itself. It is believed that the North Island is a fish that Maui tugged from the Pacific Ocean. The South Island was said to be his boat, and the Steward Island was the anchor of the canoe.

Tāne Divides the Earth and the Sky

Tane is the father of life and the world as known in Maori customs. He is dubbed with several designations with the various roles he has acted in the legends. Probably, the most significant folklore which involves Tane was his coup in splitting his parents Papatūānuku and Rangui. The former (earth mother) and the latter (sky father) used to be a tight embrace that surrounded the world in total darkness.

Tāwhirimātea’s Anger

Tāwhirimātea (god of the weather) was another son of Papatūānuk and Rangui, who was solely against separating their parents. In his hatred, he propelled his children to ravage Earth with heavy rain and thunderstorms. The forests of Tane were severely destroyed. Thanks to Tūmatauenga’s (god of the people) arrival. He was able to beat and put a dent on the actions of his resentful sibling.

Taniwha, the Supernatural Creatures

Taniwha are mythical creatures or monsters that are largely featured in Maori folklore. They are believed to similar to giant likes, some resemble other reptiles, while the remaining thought to take the form of whales and sharks. Nowadays, people accept the presence of these monsters, specifically within waterways and rivers.

Māngōroa, the Milky Way

Polynesia places a high value on sharks, and they regard them as guardian spirits. Maori tradition also supports this idea. Te Māngōroa is probably the most renowned of all its stories. Folklore says that Maui set the shark Māngōroa to the sky and formed what we know nowadays as the Milky Way.

Many more stories envelop the rich Maori folklore. Go ahead and visit New Zealand and learn more about these fascinating tales straight from the Maori people.…

Requirements for Obtaining a Russian Visa 

Starting August 8, 2017, tourists and travelers from particular countries may use an e-Visa to visit the spectacular country of Russia. Citizens of these countries may visit Russia using a Russian visa.


No Charge, No Documentations

Compared to other countries, Russia immigration does not require any documentation like hotel reservations, flight reservations or invitation letters to apply for a visa. Therefore, as long as you have your passport and e-Visa ready, you can travel as soon as you want to Russia.

Visitors entering Russia using the e-Visa will leave the country through checkpoints where they entered. There is no need to secure an e-Visa to enter Vladivostok if you already have a Russian visa. Take note that an e-Visa does not replace a traditional visa.

Passport Validity

To apply for a Russian e-Visa you must have a passport that’s valid for six months from the application date of your e-Visa. This is one of the requirements to secure a visa from other countries as well.Also, there must be enough space or empty pages in your passport so that Russian border patrol  officials may stamp it.

Medical Insurance

Tourists travelling to Russia with an e-Visa should have a medical insurance that’s valid in Russia. This will make sure that foreign travelers are safe in case they need medical assistance during their stay in the country.

Russian Visa Processing Time And Validity

Processing of a Russia visa takes around 4 days from the date you submitted an application. This is a single-entry visa issued for only 30 days. But this does not mean that you can stay in Russia for 30 days.

You are only allowed to stay for 8 days starting from the day you set foot on the country. And under the e-Visa policy, you cannot increase the number of days you can stay in Russia. The application for an e-Visa cannot be accomplished before 20 days of the start of the travel and should not be later than 4 days before the date you want to leave for Russia.

Tourists who arrived in the country are allowed only in the constituency from where they entered. To be able to visit other territories, tourists may ask for special permission which is according to the laws of the Russian Federation.…

Etias Visa Application Requirements

Technology has made our lives easier; an example of it is the availability of visa applications online. Using the European Travel Information and Authorization System or ETIAS, American citizens can now travel to Europe with more security starting 2021. To know what you should prepare for obtaining an etias, here is a list to help you out.


Things to Prepare

Any interested U.S. citizen should have their credit card, email account, and valid passport ready. Without these, the application for an ETIAS can be denied. You should also check the validity of your passport. The immigration requires that the passport should still be valid for around three months longer than their intended stay in their country of choice. You should also keep in mind that if your passport is over ten years old, it may not be considered to be valid anymore.

The ETIAS has a three-year validity, which will allow you to travel to many European countries without much problem as it aims to heighten the level of security while boosting the country’s tourism. Once approved, you will receive an ETIAS confirmation email.

How to Apply

The application process is quite simple. All you have to do is complete an online registration form in the ETIAS site. During this time, you will be asked simple personal information as well as passport details. There will also be some security questions that are rather basic. Doing so will allow the European immigration to have a first look at all the travelers and confirm their identities before allowing them to board a plane. The payment method for the application is also convenient because it uses a debit or credit card through a secure payment platform online.

Traveling with ETIAS

As of writing, there is still no available visa for any American who wishes to travel to Europe and stay there for some time. Obtaining an ETIAS starting in 2021 will allow you to enter the Schengen Area in Europe. Aside from this added security measure, restrictions and regulations shall still be implemented when you travel to Europe.

If you are planning a Europe tour in the future, it may be wise to apply for an ETIAS as soon as it becomes available. It will become an obligation for anyone who will travel to Europe, so it is better to prepare for it early.



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