December 2018

The majority of tourists from countries in the planet are required by Canada to have a valid visitor’s visa, while those from the United States and the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon do not need a visa at all to enter Canada. However, travelers from a certain number of countries, including all of the European Union members, and the United Kingdom, are not required to have a visa but are also only allowed to enter Canada with just a passport and some other basic documentation if they will be doing so by means of land or sea; They will need the Electronic Travel Authorization (the ETA), to either enter or transit through Canada if traveling by aircraft.

Basically, the ETA is not the exact same thing as a visa, but acts much like it in similar ways. It costs only $7 Canadian dollars, and is valid for a period of 5 years or until the expiration date of your passport, whatever happens first. And during this period, you can enter Canada for as many times you want, considering the stay between each trip will be short. Also, the ETA does not guarantee your entry into Canada; The border services officer will still require you to show your passport along with proof that you can support yourself financially, and accommodation and return flight information, if you will be staying in Canada; Or proof of onward flight travel if you are only transiting the airport to a connecting flight outside of Canada.

Canada ETA

The applying process for the ETA can be done online. One essential detail you should pay attention to, is inserting the correct passport number on the ETA form when applying, as many people in the past have entered a wrong passport number that does not match and this is a common mistake that will prevent you from boarding your flight to Canada, and you will need to apply again. This is a headache especially you discover it at the last minute when already at the airport. In average, the response time after the application comes within a few minutes, by email, but in some cases the request can take several days. After the ETA is approved, you should carefully check that the number in the email matches your exact passport number.

In addition to all the member states of the European Union, the countries and sovereign states for which their citizens are eligible to apply for the ETA are as follows:
Antigua and Barbuda
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
San Marino
South Korea
Solomon Islands
United Kingdom
Vatican City

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